General conditions of reservation and residence 



A guest house is run by a family who receive guests in their home. There are sometimes other guests in the house so we try to


maintain a friendly atmosphere while, at the same time, respecting each other's privacy.




On the day of arrival, guests may arrive between 17h00 and 19h00.




The bedrooms do not have facilities for washing clothes or for eating. However, in summer, you may eat on our private patio.




We request that you do not smoke in the house or in any of the rooms, not only out of respect for other people in the house


but also for future occupants of the rooms.




Some people come for a complete rest which is why we ask all our residents to be as discreet as possible late in the evening,


at night and also …. in the morning! We don’t all have the same lifestyle so we have to try and find a happy medium between


the night-birds and the early risers.  Thank you to everybody for being careful about the noise of raised voices, mobiles,


doors closing ….




It is customary for guests to keep their room tidy but obviously their hosts will empty wastebaskets daily and change bedlinen


if necessary.  Any heavy staining will be at the resident’s expense.




Animals are not accepted.


  • Rooms are to be paid for in full on arrival


  • For long stays and reservations, we require a 30% deposit by cheque.


  • Payments by cheque are to be made out to Jacquet-Guirlin or in cash.


  • Rooms must be vacated by 11h00 at the latest.  After that, the daily rate will be charged.If you decide to cut


 your stay short, please give us 24 hours advance notice.


  • Breakfast is served from 08h00 to 9h30.







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