Welcome on our website

A virtual welcome which we hope will make you want to stay in our beautiful medieval village of Blanot (71). 
Apart from its obvious attractive features, we hope you will want to know more about its history – ancient and more recent – and, at the same time, take advantage of the cosy delights of our guest rooms.
Blanot is situated in Burgundy, 12 kms from Cluny and Taizé et 25 kms from Macon, nestling in the heart of a valley where there are many possibilities to discover our region whether you're looking for relaxation, energetic or cultural activities (festivals, hiking, museums, local produce, chateaux, concerts, the green road, the wine road ….) We'll be more than happy to supply you with more information.
A dinner can be organized upon reservation 48 hours in advance

Les Chambres de Blanot - Françoise Jacquet & Florence Guirlin - Le Bourg - 71250  BLANOT   Tél: 33 (0)6 11 01 74 94 / 33 (0)3 85 36 09 96